These days…

a group for teens

Are you a teen trying to make sense of your world?

Are you sometimes afraid or feel unsafe at school, the mall, at a local restaurant?

You are not alone!

Being a teen is hard enough, but you have unusual challenges that can increase stress, anxiety, and depression.

We get it!

Come join with other teens that share in these feelings.

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Art in therapy offers a creative way to face difficult emotions by realizing them through making art, and its fun.

  • In this group you can process your emotions with other teens

  • learn useful ways to reduce stress and anxiety

  • increase self- awareness about how depression may be holding you back from enjoying these days.

  • conquer worry thoughts

  • learn the skills to face fears and feel happier.

  • express difficult feelings

  • learn how to make healthy choices.

    Art Therapy & Process Group

    For Teens Ages 14 – 17

    Sundays starting on January 20, 2019

     5 – 6:30 pm

    $60 per session, including all materials

Edie Moses AMFT

Edie Moses AMFT

Edie works with teens, families and in addiction. She specializes in Art Therapy utilizing various materials to help people express themselves and gain self-awareness in the therapeutic process. Edie has been a working artist for many years and is excited to host this unique art therapy group for teens in Calabasas!

Jordy Epstein AMFT

Jordy Epstein AMFT

Jordy loves working with teens and young adults. Jordy recognizes the impact these current events have on her students (Jordy also works in the counseling office at a local high school) and wants to help teenagers identify, express and explore these big feelings in a safe place.

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