Stress Relief for Caregivers

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Care-giving, either personal or professional, is about hanging in for the long-run. In order to go the distance and be effective, care-givers need to take care of themselves.

Here are 9 ways to keep you in the game.

  1. Deep Breathing Frequent slow deep breathes while exhaling longer than it take to inhale.

  2. Relaxation Techniques Learn to practice guided imagery, yoga, or meditation.

  3. Get Support No one can do it 24/7. Find a support group, therapy, or attend counseling.

  4. Take Care Of Your Health Eat Healthy, get a check up, avoid over eating and over drinking.

  5. Socialize Call friends and get out regularly.

  6. Hobbies / Interests As busy as you may be it’s important to make time for enjoyable activities.

  7. Exercise Mild to moderate aerobic activity can reduce stress hormones and you’ll feel better.

  8. Look for Community Resources Meals on Wheels, volunteer groups, neighbors, other family members, find assistance where you can.

  9. Be Real Create realistic goals, set priorities, manage your time wisely, and don’t sweat the small stuff.