Calabasas Grief November 2018

Our hearts go out to our communities, especially this last week with the horrific shootings in Thousand Oaks and now the current fires. Many of our clients, friends, staff and family have had their lives turned upside down. Our offices, here in Calabasas, have been without power and we are hoping that will be remedied by Monday Nov 12 (if not, we may be having sessions by candlelight). 
We want to give you some resources that can be useful during this time to check for current updates on the local fire as well as how to protect yourselves from the wildfire smoke:

We have also received messages from several people who would like to know what they can do to help, because when we experience loss we often feel powerless. Here are some local organizations that can use your help:…/heres-how-to-help-victims-of-…/…

When our world has been turned upside down in grief, we know that it is our relationships that we hold dear. We have spoken with many grievers over the years (and in the last week) about the importance of reaching out, if it is possible, and letting someone know they are important to you.

We have been honored to be part of the Calabasas and surrounding communities for more than 25 years. It is with gratitude and appreciation that we serve to help grievers find their footing again and find peace in their hearts. Thank you.

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